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28.04.2020 - AbermotBen
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06.09.2013 - Cibely
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26.08.2013 - Maria
It's tough when you look back over the last few years and realise thngis haven't gone according to plan. When I started university almost three years ago, I set myself a goal: that I would have written a novel and got it published by the end of my degree. After all, I had *three years*! That's loads of time.And of course no novel materialised. And I realised, while mucking about trying to set up my own website, that I haven't put out a game since I arrived at uni. When I realised that I got this strange, slightly sickening feeling of everything closing in on me. Games are what I love, and I love getting down to coding, even if I'm only fluent in Basic and yet I hadn't made one in years. So what does that make me?But I'd done other thngis. I'd written two plays and directed one of them to generally good reviews. I'd got involved with the poetry circuit a bit and had my writing published in small press magazines, which was nice. I played Beethoven's 7th, which was probably one of the most profound musical experiences I've ever had. I've got a (volunteer, unpaid) job writing pseudo blog posts for a fictional newspaper from a videogame. Next year I'll be putting all the dry, dusty knowledge I learned from literature to good use by studying videogames. Yesterday I wrote an essay on the mastery of postmodern life in stealth gaming, just for fun and because I couldn't get it out of my head.Sorry, got a bit carried away there. I guess I was trying to say that my plans haven't worked out in the slightest, but I can scarcely imagine being in a better position than I am now. Weird, huh? And while a year or two ago your games were little-known curiosities and you had no chance of putting out a commercial release, you've now put out a really solid body of work that's received consistent praise so much so that when Traitor came out you were the creator of the Book of Living Magic rather than just some guy, proving you've got a track record and are entering the cultural psyche and you're on the brink of releasing a game which, fingers crossed, will make you a lot more money than your regular fare.And it's terrible that you want to live in your own homeland but can't. I hate it when politicians take liberties and step all over people, it's a complete reversal of how society should work. But, at least now you can go back for 50% of the time if you want. That's got to be a *lot* more than what you were managing before. The bureaucrats may not recognise you as a Greek any more, but they also wouldn't recognise you as a citizen unless you became a soldier. What do they know. Maybe you're really a true Greek taking extended holidays in Germany for work purposes. Just don't tell them that. [url=]jvfhsj[/url] [link=]hkdxanks[/link]

26.08.2013 - Seitg
This is Kelly, Drew's aunt, Becky's sister. Drew was my first baby he was born when I was in maybe 10th grade, and I <a href="">praictcally</a> lived with Becky and Dan at the time. I carted him everywhere on my hip. To see the amazing man he has grown into, and the absolutely beautiful woman (inside and out) he has married brings me more joy than there are words. I had to miss the wedding but these beautiful pictures have me in (happy) tears! I have to tell you the pictures taken on the railroad tracks have special meaning because growing up, the railroad tracks were our playground. It's like a connection to Grandma and Grandpa Owen having those pictures, so thank you!Drew and Brittani, Nixon and Avery I love you all and can't wait to spend time with you soon!!!All my love,Aunt Kelly

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